Is Your Dog Picky?

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Is Time To Change

Many of the dog food that your dog eats contain flavorless kibble, additives, preservatives, coloring, dry and boring pallets.

Why 1 Min DogFood Healthy Meal Pack?

Convenient Travel Pack

Just pick and go. No freezer!

No Reheat

No need to thaw or reheat.

Serve in 1 Min

Just open & serve in 1 minute. 

Ready To Try?

1 Min DogFood healthy meal pack. 

Without any preservatives or additives, made with human-grade ingredients.

We want your dog to be happy and healthy!

DogFood Nutritional Meal Pack

Formulated by pet nutritionist. Approved by vet



No preservative, no additives

What is Dog Food Nutritional Pack?


这就是为什么我们的食物只含有 符合人类品质的肉类与蔬菜.

我们以易消化的方式细心地为狗狗烹煮 ,因此你的狗狗能在生命每个阶段获得所需的营养。 

Most important it can be 储存在室温下保存😍

 真正的肉与菜, 每日新鲜准备

 不含 防腐剂与添加剂

 打开即食 任何地方,任何时间

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