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There is no “One-Diet-Fits-All”
Many dogs suffer from health issues, we strive to create custom recipes and symptoms recipe to meet each unique need.

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为什么换成 DogFood 鲜食?

 Customize base on your dog’s profile

 延长33% 你的狗狗 寿命

 狗毛更亮丽, 减少皮肤感染

 减少50% 的疾病感染*


采用 新鲜人类品质食材, 我们 DogFood 能帮助改善:

  • 皮肤过敏
  • 毛发脱落
  • 口臭问题
  • 肠道问题
  • 关节问题

许多狗狗都面对健康问题, 我们努力创造 定制食谱以满足每一个独特狗狗的需求。
超过 30+ 特制的鲜食配方

每天为你的狗狗提供 30 多种不同的菜单

Multiple sources of nutrients, no more boring food for your pet dog. 

新鲜 烹煮装在真空袋中😍


We use more than 30 types of different ingredients for your dog daily, with 6 major proteins. 

Protein: Beef, Seafood (New Zealand Green Mussel, Oyster), Dory, Salmon, Duck, Chicken,

碳水化合物: 糙米、通心粉、白米、红薯、紫薯、马铃薯、南瓜

纤维&脂肪: 灯笼椒、蛋壳、胡萝卜、南瓜、西兰花、羊角豆、芹菜、菠菜、苹果、梨、紫甘蓝、卷心菜、西葫芦、枸杞、蓝莓、草莓、鱼油、菜籽油、鸭肝、鸡肝、牛肝和其他季节性蔬菜。

Ingredients are rotated daily and match base on the dog’s profile.

当我们在为你家狗狗定制膳食计划时我们将密切关注这次食材在体内的作用, 以及你家狗狗的年龄和活动水平方面所需的营养。

如何定制你的 宠物食品

Step 1: Help us get to know your dog better

Answer our quiz to help us create a meal plan based on your dog’s profile – activity levels, allergies, breed, age, weight, and health goals.

Step 2: Design Your Customized Dog Meal

We customize your dog’s unique blend and portion base on the profile given.

Step 3: Fresh dog food delivered to your doorstep regularly

We’ll deliver the customized meal plan for your dog every month, no more hassle. The meals are freshly made.










100% 灵活性


超过 30+ 特制的鲜食配方

我们的食谱都是经过专门配制的,拥有丰富的 高蛋白质, 可为你的狗狗提供 完整而营养丰富 的饮食。

没有提炼的肉类或副产品,没有人工防腐剂配制的新鲜食品。. 餐食经过定做、烹制和冷冻以保持新鲜感,单独包装使得产品可以直接从冰箱拿出解冻食用。.

 真正的肉与菜, 每日新鲜准备

 人类可食用级别 材料

 不含 防腐剂与添加剂

Example 营养均衡

Rocco has been on DogFood since he was four months old. He loves the balance of protein and vegetables. I appreciate the on-time delivery. Small pack of one-day supply is my favourite, so I don’t have to worry about the portion as it is perfectly packed for Rocco.

Christy Law

My puppy is much more healthy and happy since switching to DogFood. I recommend DogFood to all who want the best for their puppy. Improved health and energy!! Always a lick their plate clean with DogFood.


I am happy that my pup enjoys her own dogfood, every day with different types of meal! What she eats is better than my own food. LOL. Now she is looking forward to her next meal. Finally, the food choosy problem solved.

Kin Hui
为什么换成 DogFood 鲜食?
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Before DogFood
After DogFood

马来西亚第一家 - 客制化定制宠物食品


狗吃的食物决定了它未来的健康、能量水平、寿命和幸福。 这就是为什么我们只使用来自本地或外国真正的全食品和肉类。