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What is your pet name? (宠物的名字)

Sex (性别)

When was [dog-name] born? ([dog-name]出生日期)

What is dog-name breed? (dog-name 的品种)

What is dog-name size? (dog-name 的体型)

What is dog-name weight range (kg)? 体重

Exact Weight (kg) 实际体重

Describe dog-name body condition. (dog-name 的身形)

How active is dog-name? (dog-name 的活跃程度)

Does dog-name have any food sensitivities you would like to avoid? 需要避免的敏感食物?

Does dog-name have any meat allergies or meat to avoid? 对那种肉类敏感?

Does dog-name have any of the symptoms or areas to improve? 需要改善的情况

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