What Causes Your Dog Itchiness?


  From Dr. Edward Bassingthwaighte-BVSc(Hons)

What causes your dog itchiness?

One of the biggest reasons is immune system dysregulation.

There are several important predispositions that increase the chances of immune system dysregulation much higher.

Predispositions to be aware of:-
  1. Poor / Fragile genetics
  2. Vaccinated (beware of over-vaccinating, always check titer history)
  3. Poor nutrition (only feed poor quality kibbles full of fillers and artificial additives )
  4. Toxic environment (avoid toxic, insecticides, dangerous, prescription drug, immunosuppressive treatment)
  5. Stress, anxiety

The immune system is the key:

The dog’s immune system is sensitive and complex. Once it’s damaged it can be hard to heal.

Avoiding harm to the immune system is the first priority. Once damage happens, it can cause a range of problems.

  1. Allergies – contact, insect, food, inhalation, atopy, dustmite
  2. Chronic infection- bacteria / yeast
  3. Gut issues
  4. Autoimmune disease (lupus, Imha, pemphigus)

How to help itchy dogs?
  1. Holistic health plan (herbs, homeopathy, diet, environment, raw local honey, supplement, reduce stress)
  2. Fresh whole food diet
  3. Minimize vaccination
  4. Test to find out which allergens are in play (eg pollens vs house/dust mites, food intolerances)
  5. Avoid chicken & turkey

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