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Having pets in your house comes with great responsibility at your hands. From taking care of their food to planning their feeding time, there is a lot to keep in mind. We deliver the healthiest pet food in Malaysia that meets the pet’s specific needs and ensures a healthy immune system.

There are several food allergies heated among many pets, and that’s why pet owners find it hard to get the best products that can provide sufficient nutrition to their beloved ones.

Let us break down some important aspects of pet foods and how the effective blend of ingredients helps your four-legged friends to complete their essential dietary needs.


What is Pet Food?

Pet food is a complete nutritious formula that is specifically prepared for your pets and contains all the balanced combinations of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and other essential minerals. It gives you the feasibility to feed your beloved ones easily without thinking too much about collecting the right pair of ingredients yourself.

This type of animal feed sold in supermarkets, pet food shop, and pet stores. In addition, you can also get pet food online. The food is usually specific to the animal type, i.e. cat food or dog food. Most of the meat used for animals is a byproduct of the human food market, and it’s not classified as “human grade“. In 2019, the global pet food market was valued at 87 billion USD and is estimated to grow to 113 billion USD by 2024.

What are the Major Ingredients of Pet Foods?

Industry nutritionists make sure that your dog is eating all the good ingredients that are freshly cooked and are based on AAFCO standards.

Pet food contains no mystery ingredients and artificial flavoring. It carries fresh human-grade meals that may contain veggies, meat, fruits, seafood, following simple recipes, so your pet enjoys the taste as well.

The rich amount of protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins ensures strong muscle formation of your pets, boosts energy, and strengthens their bone and tooth health.

The complete formula limits unnecessary dietary elements and add rich nutritional substances that can promote your pet’s health and control allergies and other sensitivities. 


Why Pet food is better than Home-Cooked Diets?

Home-cooked meals for pets are usually expensive because there are a lot of ingredients needed to make it a wholesome balanced meal. Secondly, the home-cooked diet takes huge time and effort because there are a lot of things to keep in mind while preparing.

Once your pet builds the habit of eating a home-cooked meal at the early stages, then it may get difficult to transit towards commercial pet food later. This may also cause a few diseases and difficulty in managing bladder stones later on.


What are the Advantages of Pet Food?

There are a lot of reasons to choose pet food for your little friend, especially when it comes from top pet food brands. From controlling their allergies and promoting their health, you can actually narrow down what your pet is eating all day.

It gives you stress-free relief from the home-cooked pet meal that may not include all the quality ingredients to support the healthy lifestyle of your lovely companion.

On the other hand, the pet food is freshly prepared and then frozen, so you can easily feed your pets without worrying much.


How do I know the Right Amount of Food to feed my Pet?

The feeding quantity of the animal feed is very important and can impact your pet’s health significantly. Most of the meal comes with the right feeding measurements listed on each pack that gives you a lot of benefits while feeding.

This way, you can easily scoop the exact feeding amount that meets your pet’s needs.


Why Buy Pet Food in Malaysia from

We specialize in pet health and nutrition by providing wholesome pet food that contains all the ingredients to keep your pet healthy and full of life.

The most important thing you must never underestimate while selecting this type of feed is the quality, hygiene, and complete nutritional formula. We aim to provide high-quality pet food in Malaysia because every pet deserves to eat a clean and healthy meal.

There are many pre-processed animal feeds available in the market, but we deliver the best pet food in Malaysia that your pet actually needs to stay healthy. If your pets are missing a major source of energy, it would be hard for you to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Note: Currently is selling dog food in Malaysia only, but we will expand it to other pet foods soon. 


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dogfood's discounts and dealsEvery pet is individual, whether it’s a dog or a cat. Our products suit every pet out there because it is specifically prepared to achieve their health goals. At Dog Food Malaysia, there are multiple options in the pet food you can explore while choosing a healthy meal for your pets.

We have a range of cheap pet food with some amazing offers, so you can pick the best fit for your pet and give them a complete nutritional formula ready to feed.

We are the king of fresh pet food and also offer customized dog food in Malaysia after checking up the complete profile of your dog and give a customized meal plan as well. You can easily order your customized dog food at our website after sharing your dog’s current profile and avail some of the hottest sensational deals as well.

Take your first step towards your pet’s balanced diet and get rid of the same boring feeds that your pet hates to eat. This will not only make your pet happier but save you from spending an extra amount on unnecessary items and testing out new ingredients every other day.

Shop today for the best pet food in Malaysia and give your cute buddy a chance to enjoy a balanced mealtime with our freshly cooked packs of pet food that are ready to serve.

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