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Just like other parts of the world, finding the best dog food in Malaysia or best puppy food in Malaysia is not an easy thing. You will need to consider various factors while purchasing natural, healthy, and fresh dog food in Malaysia.

And as every dog is different, so you will need to check out how any specific food can affect your dog’s health. For this, you will first need to know what are different types of doggy foods available in the market.

What is Dog Food?

Dog food is food specifically produced and considered for consumption by canines. Dogs are omnivores with a carnivorous bias. Though the right composition of canine food differs widely from vendor to vendor, dogs food generally is made up of meats, grains, cereals, minerals, and vitamins. This is just because doggies have sharp teeth and smaller gastrointestinal tracts of carnivores that are usually suited for meat than other substances. 

What are Different Types of Dog Foods?

Most commercially manufactured dog food is produced by animal feed grade ingredients. The food is then packed in bags in dry form (a.k.a. kibble) or wet in cans. Dry food comprises 6% to 10% moisture by volume, as compared to 60% to 90% in canned food. Semi-moist products usually have the moisture of 25% to 35%.

When it comes to popular dog foods in Malaysia, there is not much difference as far as varieties are concerned. So let’s talk about the most common types of dog foods.  

Dry Dog Food

dry dog food in malaysia

Dry dog food typically contains bagged kibble that contains 3% to 11% water. And usually pet foods are delivered in this way. 

Dry food processing is one of the famous and best ways as it offers continuous production of feed in numerous varieties. 

A process called extrusion is done, to make kibble for dogs. Feed ingredients are solid at room temperature, and so the extrusion process needs a temperature above 150°C. The entire process is accomplished by the use of hot water, steam, or other heat sources for melting the mixture and let the substance flow easily through the barrel. 

Dry dog food is energy efficient, convenient to use, as well as affordable to purchase.

Raw Dog Food 

raw dog food in malaysia

Raw dog food is one of the most common ways to feed your lovely canines. This type of food can be store-bought, homemade, freeze-dried, or dehydrated. A raw diet typically contains organ meats, muscle meat, raw eggs, fresh fruits and vegs, whole or ground bone, and dairy products like yogurt. 

Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Freeze-dried dog food is another great option when it comes to feeding sensitive canines. Due to limited ingredients, freeze-dried food is considered a great meal option for dogs having sensitive stomachs or food allergies. 

Dehydrated Dog Food

Dehydrated dog food is manufactured by taking the whole foods located in a raw diet, and slowly heating them until they are completely dehydrated. One great advantage of this kind of doggy food is that it is convenient to transport for doggie parents who are usually on the go. 

Homemade Dog Food 

home made dog food

Some pet owners value the ability to be in full control of their canines diet. A homemade dog food allows the owners to be aware of exactly what is in everything their pup eats and to be absolutely sure that their health and nutrition are being met. 

If you decide to feed your cute friend a home-cooked meal, prepared while having canine nutrition in mind, you will remain sure that your furry friend is not missing out on any necessary nutrients.

Frozen Dog Food 

Frozen dog food offers your dogs the required nutrition they need. These meals are excessive in protein and usually contain fewer additives.

Wet Dog Food 

wet dog food in malaysia

Wet dog food (a.k.a. canned dog food) is usually packaged in a rigid or soft-sided container. It contains roughly 60% – 78% of water, which is comparatively higher moisture amount than dry or semi-moist foods. 

The high moisture content might also be useful for dogs that drink less than usual or those with urinary issues, for example. However, it’s also necessary that you feed your dog a larger amount of wet food to meet the canine’s required needs. 

Sterilizing is used to prepare wet dog foods. Sterilizing is done through a retorting process, which includes steam sterilization at 121°C. Wet food is usually higher in protein or fat than kibble on a dry matter basis. 

Wet puppy food occasionally uses ingredients and flavors doggies love. Grain gluten and other protein gels are usually used in such kind of food to make artificial meaty pieces that seem similar to real meat. But when you buy wet dog food from, you will get 100% natural meal without any artificial flavors. 

Once ingredients are mixed, they are kept in a tank at the end of a canning machine. Next, the mixture is forced through an opening and onto a sheet of metal, making of 8mm to 12mm thickness. 

After that, the mixture is heated to completely cook the ingredients. Heating can be done with the help of microwaves, ovens, or steam heating, etc. Once cooked, this mixture is usually directly kept into cans to form a loaf. Or, it can be cut into “meaty” chunks.

Our wet dog food in Malaysia comes in the form of minced meat having real meat of various animals that are the real ingredients that your dog will love, and it also makes it highly delicious. It is a complete meal and can be provided to your four legger as an alternative to dry dog food in Malaysia, or it can be mixed with dry food to make the taste better.

Semi-Moist Dog Food

Semi-moist dogs food is delivered in packets or pouches that are usually vacuum-sealed. It consists of about 20% to 45% water, and is more costly per energy calorie as compared to dry dog food.

Most semi-moist food does not need refrigeration. The food is gently cooked and then sealed in a vacuum pack. This type of doggy food should be kept in a dry and cool place and is useable for up to 4 months without opening.

Fresh Dog Food 

fresh dog food

Fresh dog food is considered as “human-grade” food that includes vegetables, fruits, meats, grains, etc., and doesn’t contain preservatives. It is cooked in a vacuum chamber at low temperatures and then dried. Fresh dog food in Malaysia is identical to typical dog kibble.

What is a Hypoallergenic Food for Dogs?

Similar to human beings, dogs are also prone to various allergies while taking different kinds of food. The most common symptoms of food allergies in canines include swelling, rashes, itchy skin, constipation, and other gastric problems, etc. 

Particular type of ingredients in doggy food can give rise to these allergic reactions. Specially when it comes to protein ingredients in canine food, with sources i.e. chicken, beef, soy, and turkey are considered the most common causes of these allergies. 

There are numerous new protein dog foods are available in the market that claims to reduce these kinds of dog allergies. These are usually known as hypoallergenic dogs food. We can also assist in providing hypoallergenic diet at your door step. You just need to answer a few questions to help us in creating a meal plan based on your dog’s profile, where allergies are one of the most important factors we take into consideration. 

These hypoallergenic foods for dogs consist of either limited ingredients, hydrolyzed proteins, or novel proteins. The limited number of ingredients makes it possible to point out the possible allergens causing these allergic reactions. And therefore making it convenient to avoid multiple ingredients if your beloved pet is allergic to more than one allergen. 

In novel protein recipes, vendors use allergy-free ingredients in dog foods like fish, lamb, and rice.

What is the Difference between Grain-free Dog Food and Gluten-free Dog Food?

Gluten is an ingredient that a few grains have, and some canines have an allergy to this. And so canines with gluten allergy should feed with kibble that is labelled as ‘gluten-free’.

However, it doesn’t mean that they are 100% grains fee. While checking the label carefully, you may see that the food includes other grains. But any kibble or dog treat that is marked ‘grain-free’ would not contain any type of grains.

Which Dog Food is Best?

The best dog food or puppy food will vary from breed to breed, and will differ as per various factors like life stage, weight, individual nutritional and other health requirements. 

Besides these factors, your doggie may have various kinds of food allergies. These allergies could go to rise over time, even if your lovely pet is not born with it. Hence, it’s vital to keep an eye out for those allergies. offers natural and fresh dog foods in Malaysia and puppy foods in Malaysia, so your pet can get deliciously fresh taste and nutritional value. Our food is more like personalized dog food, so you don’t need to worry about any kind of food allergies. And most importantly, the meal plan is formulated by our certified pet food nutritionists. 

If you are in search of something different, delecious and exciting meal for your dog, why don’t consider our most recent and popular meal plan that includes 7 proteins in one pack. We are pretty sure that your four legger will love this. The link is given below.

Is it Good for Dogs to eat Quality Dog Food?

Yes, your dog demands quality food to stay healthy. It is also important to consider different variables i.e. age, breed, body formation, gender, and activity level, etc. while preparing dogs food. 

The diet of the canine needs to have the perfect balance of the 6 major nutrient groups, including proteins, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and water. Most finest quality dog food should provide your dog with this nutritional balance. 

In general, a healthy diet with premium quality ingredients will be beneficial to your four legger.

Should I Avoid Economy Brands of Dog Food in Malaysia?

As with many other custom products, you get what you pay for. In general, economy brands of doggy food in Malaysia are made from the cheapest ingredients. And so you should avoid such kinds of low-quality dog food brands in Malaysia because they contain lower energy levels and proteins, as well as higher levels of filler ingredients. So, mostly feed passes through your pet without being digested. Hence, always try to consider the best food brands like Dog Food Malaysia that is one of the best fresh dog food suppliers in Malaysia. 

Is Natural Dog Food Really Better?

A healthy natural dog food offers all necessary nutrition for your pup in all their life stages. Good nutrition can support your beloved pet in looking and feeling better in the long run.

The advantages of organic dog food can include:

  • A glossier coat
  • Improved energy levels
  • Better support to the immune system
  • A strong and healthy digestive system
  • More nourished skin
  • Natural and better weight control

Is Homemade Dog Food in Malaysia Better for your Dog?

No matter what is your pet’s overall health condition, homemade dog food in Malaysia can give them an adorable meal that will benefit the body of your pup. Feeding a homemade dog meal can benefit pet owners as well. Some benefits of feeding homemade dog food are as under.

  • Better regulation of food quality
  • More variety in the diet
  • A homemade dog food diet may offer improved nutrition
  • No filler ingredients
  • Homemade dog food is fresh & healthy 
  • Homemade dog food can be cheaper at times 
  • End of allergens by home cooking
  • No more waste 

Feeding a dog homemade food can be expensive and time-consuming, but many pet owners believe that getting better health is more valuable than anything else. 

But when it comes to, you can even get a type of homemade dog food in Malaysia at cheap prices. What’s more, healthy meals for dogs are prepared while having each individual dog’s health goals in mind, then frozen fresh to maintain nutritional integrity. 

What Foods are Bad for Dogs?

Many common human foods are harmful or bad for dogs, including, onion and garlic, chocolates, grapes, some type of milk, nutmeg,  raisins, mushrooms, rhubarb, fatty foods, as well as numerous plants and other potentially ingested substances, etc. A complete list of such kinds of toxic substances can be found at ASPCA’s official website.

Can I mix Dry Food with Wet Food or Canned Food?

It is not suggested though to mix dry and wet dog food, particularly if you are feeding your dog a special kind of diet. Always consult your vet for advice regarding the right diet plan for your canine.

How much Food a Dog should eat?

Often dog owners try to feed more to their dogs at home. This thing can be bad for your pet’s digestion. Feed your furry friend only as much as they require to control a perfect weight and good activity levels as per their size, age and lifestyle. 

Food quantity will vary widely from canine to canine and breed to breed, but feeding charts on the food should assist you to identify the right amounts. In case of any doubt, you should always consult with your veterinarian about quantities and types of doggy foods to feed. Types of dog foods are already discussed above in detail. 

How to Choose the Right Food for Dog?

If you have a pet at home, then it’s also important that you feed them premium quality food backed by all the necessary nutrients. Along with health aspects, it is also suggested that the given feed is delicious as well. 

As a responsible dog owner, it is your duty to provide the right food for your lovely friends. Aside from giving them a cool living place and accessories, it is the owner’s responsibility to feed their doggies every day to help maintain their health and well-being. 

Many well-known brands are specializing in developing various dog foods to meet the requirement of the dog’s owners. The following steps will help to choose the right food for your dog. 

Consider your dog’s age, breed, activity, & reproductive status

Your canine’s physical activities, behaviour, and overall health are extremely crucial while selecting the right dog food. Small dogs or puppies as well as lactating mothers require more calories on a daily basis, while senior dogs demand lesser. Similarly, highly active breeds will opt for more calories as compared to couch potato breeds. 

The type and amount of given feed will assist your puppy to avoid health problems. And so it’s important that you check how you will select the food for dogs. Because some brands produce foods based on breed, but most of the brands will just distinguish between large breed vs small breed formulas. But no matter in which way you go, it’s important that your canine be able to eat easily and safely.

Get familiar with the “buzz words” on food packaging

It’s also important that you get familiar with the “buzz words” on dog foods packaging. As per the FDA analysis of pet food labels, simple names such as  “Chicken Dog Food” or “Beef Dog Food,” indicate that the mentioned protein comprises 95 per cent of the total product, without having the water content. But if we include water in it, the final output will be a required 70 per cent.

Always try to check the label for ingredients

When shopping for dog food in Malaysia, always check the label and read all of its ingredients. Beef, fish, and Chicken are considered the most common forms of protein in doggy food. 

In addition, carbohydrates like grains are also good for your furry friends. Like with all mammals, canines metabolize carbs as an energy source. For active breeds, make sure that potatoes, grains, and gluten-rich ingredients are included in the doggy food.

Read the nutritional adequacy statement

The nutritional adequacy statement is usually located with the rest of the nutritional information on a can or pouch.  And their statements are like, “offers complete & balanced nutrition of adult dogs,” or “suited for all life stages,” or “specially prepared for puppies.” etc. 

It is also suggested that you always look for the AAFCO statement on the back of the pack.  AAFCO’s high standards make sure that the nutritional value is listed there.

Do your research and choose the best brand 

Last but not the least, it is also recommended for pet owners that they do research on various dog food brands. Furthermore, ensure to ask your vet about what type of food will suit your doggy or what minerals and vitamins they usually require. Check out the best dog food brands today like DogFood, and they will make sure that your heart favourite pet could remain in good health.

Most of the dogs food products are also rich sources of vitamins and proteins as they are included with fruits, vegs, and other animal fats. Hence, if you want to see a healthy and happy pup around you, then ensure to feed with the right organic dog food. 

On the other hand, if you are facing difficulty finding the best dog foods in Malaysia, puppy foods in Malaysia, or other pet foods in Malaysia, we can assist you while providing customized dog food in Malaysia at your doorstep. With us, you don’t need to worry about what food is best for your dog as we will develop a meal plan as per your dog’s profile. 

Best Dog Food in Malaysia by

dog food in malaysia carries a wide range of natural dog food and ready-made meal plans for your precious pup. When it comes to choosing a customized dog food in Malaysia, you will find various kinds of diet plans as per your dog’s nature. 

Let us help you find the best one with dog characteristics, ingredient information, and personal one-on-one attention when you register with us. At DogFood Malaysia, a leading fresh dog food supplier in Malaysia, we understand the important role doggy food plays. Most of the nutrients your dog needs to stay strong and healthy come from the meal they eat. 

Why Choose Dog Food Malaysia?

At Dog Food Malaysia, all of our doggy food in Malaysia is produced by AAFCO and some other leading nutritional guidelines. These guidelines are based on different published research that helps us to examine and calculate the nutrient content including protein, fat, carbohydrate and vitamins and minerals. All these things are essential to ensure that all of our foods meet the nutritional requirements for all the targeted pets.

And if your dog is a Picky Eater, don’t forget to check out DogFood’s Daily Diet Package that is custom designed especially for your dog.

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