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Does DogFood meals meet AAFCO standards?

Yes. Each of our dog food has gone through AAFCO standards. 

How do I store DogFood?

Upon received your DogFood meal pack, please store it in a cool and dry place. Refrigerate only after opening.

Does DogFood use any preservatives?

DogFood do not add any preservatives to the food at all. 

Why does your food have vegetables?

DogFood include fresh vegetables and fruit in the diet which provide excellent sources of antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, glucosinolates, thiocyanates, and a variety of vitamins.

How much should I feed my dog?

We will based on your dog size and prepare the food for your dog should eat on a daily basis. 2 meals per day and serve ½ pack per meal

How Do I Switch My Dog to Healthy DogFood?
What does DogFood contains?

We will base on your dog’s condition (after you complete the quiz) and customized with freshly cooked and human-grade ingredient with balance nutrients for your dog. 

How do I get my pup custom Dog Food Meal plan?

Place your orders with us online and provide us with your dog detail thru the question and we will customize the food based on your dog profile

How long can I get my DogFood Meal?

We will take 2 working days to prepare your order. Delivery time is typically 3-5 working days for West Malaysia. 

Please refer to the delivery page for more information.

What are the benefits of feeding Dog Food?

Feeding an all natural and healthy diet has a great impact on your dog’s health. Benefits include: more energy, less allergies, shinier coat & healthy weight.

How do I cancel the subscription?

You can cancel anytime, and email us at enquiry@dogfood.com.my.

The cancellation will proceed in 3 working days. Please submit your cancellation 1 week before the next renewal.

If your payment has been charged, there is a processing fee for the refund.

How do I change my next order?

If you would like to change your next order meal plan. You email us at enquiry@dogfood.com.my. Please submit your email before the next scheduled delivery.

How do I change my next delivery date, time, or address?

You can change the delivery detail anytime, and email us at enquiry@dogfood.com.my.

The new update of delivery will proceed in 3 working days. Please submit your new delivery detail before the next scheduled delivery.

How to redeem my DF points?

1. Login to your account > My Account > Points & Rewards > My Rewards

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dog food malaysia

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