My Dog Is Getting Older...

Our dog is just like us, when they age will decline in function and ability.
Senior dog become weaker and more vulnerable to infection.

Why do i need to be so troublesome

Loss of Appetite

Loss of interest in food, suffering from bad teeth

My Dog Looks Sick

Loss of appetite & low energy

Joint Problem

Affected by weight bearing problem. Tends to develop arthritis as they age.

Why Senior Dog Food Nutritional Pack?

Nutrient Adjustments are Needed for Senior Dogs

When a beloved pet ages, its eating habits and dietary needs can change. 

Senior dog food requires higher digestibility. This recipe is formulated for gastrointestinal and joint health, usually in senior dogs.

  • Higher digestibility
  • Higher moisture
  • Softer texture and/or formulated to fight dental diseases
  • Lower calories and phosphorus

 Real meat and vegetables, freshly cooked

 No Artificial Flavors & Preservatives

 Ready to feed anywhere anytime, no reheat required

SGS Lab Tested

Why Switch to Freshly Cooked Dog Food?

 Fresh real food

 Increases your dog’s lifespan by 33%

 Shiner coat and reduce itchy skin

 Prevent and 50% reduction in disease risk*


With fresh human grade ingredients, we DogFood can help to improve on:

  • Skin Allergies
  • Fur Loss
  • Bad Breath
  • Gut Issue
  • Joint Issue

There are many dogs that suffer from these health issues, we strive to create custom recipes to meet each unique need.

What Type Of Ingredients do We Use?

We use more than 30 types of different ingredients for your dog daily, with 7 major proteins. 

Protein: Chicken, Beef, Seafood (New Zealand Green Mussel), Vegan, Dory, Salmon, Mutton, Meat Maniac, and Peas .

Carbohydrates: Brown Rice, Macaroni, White Rice, Sweet Potatoes, Purple Potatoes, Potatoes, Pumpkin

Fiber & Fats: Capsicum, Eggshells, Carrot, Pumpkin, Broccoli, Ladyfinger, Celery, Spinach, Apple, Pear, Purple Cabbage, Cabbage, Zucchini, Goji, Blueberry, Strawberry, Fish Oil, Canola Oil, Duck Liver, Chicken Liver, Beef Liver, and Other Seasonal Vegetables.

Inside Your Senior Dog Food Trial Plan

Fresh Meal Packs

Receive 10x packs of fresh meal packs

Preparations Guideline

Feeding guide and tips

Storage Guidelines

Store at room temperature. Refrigerate only after opening

Fresh Real Ingredient

Only whole food and human-grade ingredients

Over 30+ unique combinations

Each of our high-protein recipes is specially formulated to provide a complete and nutritious diet for your dog.

Simply open and serve. No cooking, no special storage required.

Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which strengthened the immune system, decreased joint inflammation, improve skin irritation.

Fish gives all the vitamins your dog needs in low-fat, nutrition-rich meals that are good for your dog’s eyes, joints, and immune system

Duck are good for decreasing inflammation, boosting heart and kidney health aiding brain development in puppies, and improving the ability to fight cancer.

Green Mussels can also be used as a preventative to help save your dog from experiencing joint issues later in lifestyles

Chicken supply of glucosamine and indispensable amino acids, good for bone health and constructing lean muscle tissue.

Mutton nutrients help build and maintain body tissue. Full of vitamin B12, niacin, essential amino acids, and dietary fats.

Beef nutrients help aid strong muscular tissues and provide strength.

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Reasons To Switch To Fresh DogFood

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Before DogFood
After DogFood
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Before DogFood
After DogFood

Malaysia 1st Customize Pet Food

The food your dog eats, determines his or her future health, energy level, lifespan, and happiness.

That’s why we ONLY use real whole-food ingredients from overseas and locally sourced produce.


Dr Ali is a professional veterinary physician and pet consultant. Graduated with a DVM in Veterinary & Animal Science, and MPhil in Veterinary Clinical Medicine.  With years of experience in different veterinary hospitals and as a consultant about pet health and nutrition.