DF Dogfood Referral Program

Share Good Health, Get Good Rewards!

DF Dogfood is not your ordinary pet food. We take pride in crafting healthy, human-grade pet food that puts your pet’s nutrition first. Our meals are packed with human-grade meat 🥩and fresh vegetables, without any 🚫preservatives, 🚫additives, or 🚫fillers.

When you refer your friends and family to DF Dogfood:

  1. They’ll get a total value of RM30 vouchers to start their pets on a healthier journey.
  2. You’ll get 10x Points based on their purchase, points can be used to redeem on your own DF Dogfood orders.

So what are you waiting for? Share the joy of healthy pets with your loved ones today!

How To Refer?


1. 💝 Share with Friends and Family

Share your referral link with your friends and family who have pets. You can find your referral link in “My Account – Points & Rewards section“.

2. Rewards for New Customers 💰

When your friends use your referral link to make their first purchase, they will receive value of up to RM30 voucher! (RM15 + RM15)

3. Rewards  for You 🎁

You will receive 10x Points based on your friend’s purchase,which you can use to redeem your own DF Dogfood orders.

It’s a Win-Win!

What could be better than helping a friend discover healthier options for their pets while earning rewards for yourself? It’s a classic win-win situation, brought to you by DF Dogfood.

DF Dogfood – Let Your Pet Live Longer!

Ways to earn rewards

DF Loyalty Points

1 point for each RM1.00 spent

Bronze & Silver Member: 1 point per RM1 spent
Gold Member: 2 points per RM1 spent

Referral Rewards

You get points : 1000%
Your friend gets reward: RM15.00 discount

You earn 10x times points, your referral earns RM15 voucher.

Sign Up Bonus - RM15 Voucher

RM15.00 reward

New user - RM15 voucher rewarded. Expired within 7 days

Upgrade to Silver Member Reward

RM10.00 reward

RM10 voucher awarded

Upgrade to Gold Member Reward

RM50.00 reward

RM50 voucher awarded


RM5.00 reward

Bronze: 1x RM5 Birthday Voucher
Silver: 1x RM10 Birthday Voucher
Gold: 2x RM10 Birthday Voucher

Immune Booster – Turkey Beet Root & Chia Seed Dog Food

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