6 Reasons Why Customize Food is Important For Your Dog

Dogs are human best friends and faithful companions. All pet owners are trying to feed them the best food. When it comes to nutrition, each dog is unique and has specific needs for nutrition. When deciding which dog food is good for our dog, we should always consider food that is custom-made based on our dog’s profile and nutrition needs. dogfood.com.my provides a FREE customize fresh pet meal service. 

All meals are designed by professionals, customized for each dog with AAFCO formulation. By answering a few questions about our dog’s condition and breed size, allergies, and more, we can customize the dog nutrition food and feeding guideline that is delivered directly to your doorstep. Dogfood will have a solution for all dogs! Most of the dog food we find in supermarkets or pet stores is generic dog food, for all dogs. 

One size doesn’t fit all

Why do we still feed the same food to our dogs when we know each dog has different needs?

There is a variety available for the puppy, adult, and senior dog food. Your dog needs a customized diet for its nutritional needs. The customized food depends on your dog’s body condition, such as breed, age, gender, weight, activity level, and health condition.


Reasons for customization


1. Avoid Allergy Food

Some of the dogs can be allergic to a certain food such as dairy, chicken, corn, and wheat. These foods can cause them bloated, itchiness, rashed, diarrhea, or ear inflammation. 

2. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Being overweight/underweight can lead the dogs to a variety of health issues. The right amount of food for your dog is very important such as the number of fats and protein to keep your dog right where it needs to be.

Each dog has a different calorie intake and different metabolism. To customize your dog food that is offered by dogfoos.com.my can provide balanced nutrients and calories to help your dog maintain a healthy weight and reach ideal body condition.


3. Minimize Health Issue

Customizing food can help reduce the dog’s health issues such as bad breath, poor digestion, joint inflammation, skin and coat issues. By providing information about your dog’s health condition. Dogfood will keep an eye on your dog’s condition and adjust your dog’s food to keep them healthy and have special needs of nutrients.

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4. Activity Level

Different dogs have different activity levels. Each active level requires a different nutrient intake. Food has a big impact on providing the nutrients needed to energize your dog every day.


5. 100% free from artificial additives

A real fresh food diet would have no additives or preservatives. Your dog can enjoy the fresh real food worry-free.

6. Let Your Dog Live Longer With You

Dogfood.com.my is the best and easiest way to provide the best diet to your dog. Better food and better health mean more years with our fur best friends—and isn’t that what we all want?

Why customize dog food today?

Each dog is different in age, weight, activity level, body condition, and food allergy. Meals are customized base on your dog’s profile. 

With a customized meal plan, your dog receives the right balanced nutrition it needs. The benefit of customized dog food that helps expand your dog’s lifespan and reduces health problems in their life.

Customizing dog food and the amount of food that your dog intake is vital to ensuring your dog gets a healthy and balanced diet.



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