5 Early Warning Signs of Diabetes in Dog


Does your dog have the following symptoms? If so, please pay more attention to your dog’s daily activity, cause your dog may have diabetes!


1. Drinking more water than usual

You can compare the amount of water the dog has drunk before. If the amount of water consumed is more than before, then please pay high attention to your dog’s health.

But sometimes it may be just thirsty after exercise or the weather is relatively hot. You can observe for at least 2 weeks


2.Your Dog Is Peeing More Frequently

As the amount of drinking water increases, the urine output will naturally increase. But in addition to increased urination, dogs can also experience frequent urination. You must pay more attention to the dog’s situation

3. King-size appetite coupled with weight loss

If the owner finds that the dog is often hungry, and the dog’s weight still remains the same or even drops despite the increased intake of the dog. This is also one of the symptoms of diabetes

4. Seems Tired and Has Lost Interest in Activities

“Some dogs will be less interactive with their families because they do not have the energy, and will tire faster after playing or going on walks,” says Dr. Romine.

When sugar is trapped in the bloodstream and can’t enter the tissue, the body is deprived of the glucose required for energy, says Dr. Romine. “In addition, the high blood sugar can cause electrolyte imbalances, including low sodium, low potassium and low phosphorous, making the nerves not fire normally.”

5. Your Dog’s Coat and Skin Appear to Be Lackluster

Untreated diabetic dogs will tend to have poor coat and skin quality.

“When the body is not getting the nutrition it needs because insulin isn’t working, and a dog is becoming chronically dehydrated from the increased water loss in the urine, their haircoat will often start to lose its lustre and thin out, and dogs will start to have dandruff and dry, scaly skin,” says Dr. Romine.

These conditions improve with insulin therapy, says Dr. Romine, because “there is now enough energy and nutrition to put towards healthy fur, and not just maintaining critical organ function.”

If your dog has been diagnosed with diabetes, it’s important to look for dog food that’s appropriate for his disease. Diabetic dog food refers to food that is formulated in a way that helps your dog maintain a healthy weight and insulin response. Diabetes can be a scary condition, but the good news is that diabetic dogs can still live long healthy lives. Here’s how to find the best food for your diabetic dog.


1. High fibre, low fat

High-fibre foods can make dogs feel full, and also slow down the intake of sugar in the blood. Therefore, if a diabetic dog eats high-fiber food, the blood glucose concentration can be maintained within a safe range. Pancreatitis is a serious complication of diabetes, and eating a low-fat diet can reduce this risk.

If the owner is worried that there is no time to take care of the diet of the diabetic dog, DogFood can completely customize the nutritional meal for the dog, so that the diabetic dog can get enough nutrition every day

2. Low sugar

In fact, like humans, diabetic dogs also need to strictly control their sugar intake and pay attention to the total amount and type of carbohydrates they consume. The lower the sugar intake, the lower the insulin dose. Try to avoid high-glycemic-index foods such as corn, potatoes, wheat, and rice.

DogFood will customize each meal according to the dog’s physical condition (age, size, and physical condition). Allow diabetic dogs to take in nutritious nourishment.

3. Maintain healthy eating habits

The most important factor in the treatment of diabetic dogs is the consistency of the feeding food. The reason is that the insulin injection is based on the dietary amount to determine the dosage. Therefore, the same must be maintained to avoid giving the wrong medicine.

Every dog ​​is unique. Only by matching the food according to the dog’s situation more effectively. DogFood, helps each dog to customize the diet based on their profile so that the dogs can take in enough nutrients to maintain their health.


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